Your membership will run for 365 days from date of purchase. There are several types of memberships available. By becoming a Member of Powder Creek you will be entitled to many offers and opportunities including participating in Member Appreciation Days and discounts on all shooting venues available at Powder Creek. There are two Member Appreciation Days a year in which we cater lunch for all of our members as well as offer free targets to our members to shoot on us for the day.

Associate Member Application PDF
Corporate Member Application PDF

Associate Membership: $150

An Associate Membership, also known as a family membership, it covers the immediate household (Spouse & Children). For $150 a year Associate Membership holders will be entitled to a $2.5 discount on rounds of Trap, Skeet, & 5-Stand and a $5 discount on 50 rounds of sporting clays and a $7 discount on 100 rounds of sporting clays. They will also have available the option to purchase Member specials in all four disciplines offered. A member special is 11 rounds for the price of 10. See below for a detailed list of Associate Membership benefits.

Corporate Membership: $500 - $5,000

A corporate Membership is available to purchase for any company looking to save money and become a part of Powder Creek Shooting Park. Corporate Memberships start from $500 for 25 members and range to $5,000 for 100 members. If interested in a Corporate Membership, please fill out an application and turn it in at the clubhouse or by email with payment.

Life Membership: $1500

Life membership payment options:

  1. Payment of $1,500
  2. Semi-annual payments of $750
  3. 4 quarterly payments of $375

A Life membership will give you all of the same benefits as an Associate Membership including invitation to Member Appreciation Days, Member Specials, and Price discounts.

Associate Membership Benefits

Becoming an Associate Member at Powder Creek is easy, fun, and can be beneficial to any level of shooter. Each membership covers the immediate household (Spouse & Children). With buying an Associate Membership for $150 for 365 days, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Save $2.50 on each round of Trap and Skeet
  • Save $2 on each 5-Stand Round
  • Save $5 on each round of 50 Sporting Clays and $7 on each round of 100 Sporting Clays purchased.
  • Free use of the Archery Range (a $15 per day value).
  • Buy 10 Trap/Skeet tokens and get one free!
    • This saves a Member $6.50 for this package.
    • A Non-Member could save $34 for this package by becoming a Member.
  • Buy 10 5-Stand rounds and get one free!
    • This saves a Member $8 for this package.
    • A Non-Member could save $30 for this package.
  • Buy 10 rounds of Sporting Clays and get one free round.
    • This saves a Member $35 for this package.
    • A Non-Member could save $112 for this package by becoming a Member.
  • An invitation to our two Member Appreciation Days held each Spring and Fall.
    • Each Member Appreciation Day offers 200 free targets and a catered lunch to every member who attends.
      • 50 Trap, 50 Skeet, 50 5-Stand, and 50 Sporting Clays targets are offered to Members on Appreciation Day (a $67 value).
By participating in both Member Appreciation Days you are shooting $134 worth of free targets, and if you include the two catered meals then the total value is worth over $150.

Therefore, just by attending both Member Appreciation Days your Membership is paid for! Any additional shooting discounts throughout the year are just an added bonus.