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Powder Creek Shooting Park

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2021 Powder Creek's

NSCA, NSSA, and Special Events

January 30th - 31st            Winter Warm-Up                             100 Target Main, 50 Small Bore   

February 27th -  28th        Frozen Target Shoot                     100 Target Main, 50 5-Stand

March 13th 14th              American Field Sporting                TBD

April 18th                           MEMBER FUN DAY!

April 24th - 25th               True Pair Challenge                       100 Target Main, 50 Small Bore

May 8th - 9th                     FITASC Warm-Up                                TBD

May 29th - 30th                Pcsp Club Championship                 Two 100 Target Main Events

June 24th - 27th                Ks sc Championship                          TBD

July 2nd - 4th                    Summertime Open (NSSA Event)

July 17th - 18th                Cottonwood Classic                       100 Target Main, 50 5-Stand

August 7th - 8th              Extreme Challenge                            Two 100 Target Main Events

October 10th                    Clash of the Titans

October 17th                    mEMBER FUN DAY!

November 20th - 21st     Turkey Shoot                                     100 Target Main, 50 Small Bore

December 11th - 12th      Last Chance Shoot                            100 Target Main, 50 5-Stand