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League Registration

Powder Creek Shooting Park will offer three Trap League sessions in 2023. Spring Trap League will run March 29th through May 18th. Summer Trap League will run June 14th through August 3rd. Fall Trap League will run August 30th through October 19th. The number of squads is limited, so sign up early to guarantee your team a slot. Registration for Trap League will open 30 days prior to the start of the league. If you don't have a squad, you can still shoot in the league, please call or email us to put your name on an individual shooter list. We will form squads out of individual registrations as soon as we can to accommodate shooters. League fees are due when registration is submitted.

Select which night your squad will shoot - Wednesday or Thursday. Squad times/days will be filled on a first-come basis. Make-ups are allowed within one week. All rules of Powder Creek Shooting Park will be enforced.


Shooting In the Evening

Fees & Payouts

At the end of Trap League, teams will be ranked from first to last place based on team scores. Winnings will be based on a Lewis Class payout system. For more information on Payouts, please refer to the Trap League Rules. Our league fees include:

  • Per Squad (1-Time Fee, 5 Shooters): $150.00
  • Per shooter (1-Time Fee, 1 Shooter): $30.00
  • Weekly Member Targets (50 per person): $14.00
  • Weekly Day-Member Targets: $19.50

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Flight Schedules & Scores

Once all teams are entered, we will post-flight times. Your squad's flight time will rotate each week. For example, on week one, your squad may start at 6:00 p.m. The next week it will begin at 6:35 p.m. and so on. We will post scores on this page, following shooting each week, so teams and individuals can track their standing.

Summer 2024 5-Stand League

Information coming in 2024!

Summer 2023 Trap League

Individual Scores

Final Scores & Payouts

Please be advised!
When registering for Trap League please read and sign a copy of The Trap League Rules.
If you have any questions please call the Clubhouse or email: jessie@powdercreek.com

Trap League Rules

Wednesday Night Schedule

Thursday Night Schedule

Fall 2023 Trap


Wednesday Night Scores

Thursday Night Scores